Pacer - Your Digital Human Pace Setter

Runners and cyclists improve on their times when they are making use of a human pace setter.

But when they train for an event, it is not easy to get  a pace setter to train with them.

Hence Pacer, the app that acts as a human pacesetter.


Tap on the Pacer icon and the UI will popup with a flashing "Prepare For Event". Tap on it and the app will ask you to select the Type of event. Tap on your choice and tap "Next".

Then select your choice of Pace sound and tap on "Ready".


A popup will remind you to up or down the pace you want to start with using the + or - button and then tap on "Start Event", and away you go.


You can up or down the pace during an event. When you're done, double tap on "Stop Event". The app will now calculates an average for the event and display it.


The app will then calculates your average beats per minute (bpm) for all past events and store that for the start bpm for the next event.


When you tap on the settings button the following buttons becomes available:



Will display the average of all past events of the same type.


Clear History:

It allows you to delete the average bpm for each type of event.



The Share button allows you to share the app link with friends via Facebook, Twitter, Mail and Text.



Please tell us when you have a suggestion to improve on the app or when something in the app irritates you.


In The Pacer app for Android you can change the volume of the pace sounds with the volume button.

To enable volume control for the Pacer app  in IOS go to Settings > Sounds > Ringer and Alerts > Change with buttons option. If you turn it ON, the pace sound volume can then be managed using the iPhone's volume buttons.